ENC PRESS is a small but fiercely independent boutique press, whose specialty is fresh, original novels that contain elements of social and political satire or commentary, offer unexpected insights into foreign cultures, and tip a few sacred cows along the way. We publish, promote, and keep in print witty, genre-busting fiction and authors whose views may be unpopular with some of the mainstream public—regardless of the commercial potential or even lack thereof.

We use cutting-edge production technology and our Big Publishing experience to not only set new standards of design and craftsmanship for print books produced by small presses, but to evoke the best of the Golden Age of publishing, when editors nurtured new authors and shaped and refined books hands-on, more interested in the unique story than in its short-term mass appeal.

While we provide PDF e-versions of our titles as a courtesy to our readers, we believe a book is much more than just “content,” and publish all our titles as original trade paperbacks first.