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Valerie Benziger — lesbian feminist activist and Priestess of the Goddess — was born too late to be somebody during the glory days of the womyn’s community. So, when she concocts a ritual that appears to take her San Francisco women’s circle traveling forward in time, she’s convinced they’ll return with a cure for AIDS and she’ll be a heroine at last. But while the Alta California Republic of 2064 is a great place for a woman to love other women, it got that way in spite of her generation’s politics. And her circle can’t agree whether this future is a dream or a nightmare.

Helping them make their way is small businesswoman Claudia Marshall, madly in love with her wife, private defective Charlotte O’Hara — but also with her charming husband, Sean. This sapphic triad befriends Valerie, the priestess in way over her head; Connie, the dour revolutionary; M’Chunga, the Afrocentrist; Marty and Kayla, the young queer butch-femme couple; Luz, the Hispanic Haight-Ashbury veteran; Leslie, the athlete turned reluctant new member of the differently-abled community; and Peggy, the lipstick lesbian who just might be the one with the magic they’ll need to get through this adventure.

Sweet Brigid! (as Sean would say) The future sure ain’t what it used to be...

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I was really intrigued when I first read the description of Elliott’s book, mostly because I consider myself a feminist and I love stories about groups of women. This, however, was way more than I bargained for. . . . It’s a fascinating read and I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants a read that will make them laugh an think simultaneously!” — Brittany, Goodreads

. . . an interesting mix of radical feminism, radical lesbianism, goddess-worship, future-building, and oddly enough, libertarianism into one book.” — Mawgojzeta, Goodreads

. . . what literature used to be in the time of Henry James etc. It was a book that was written for the purpose of dissecting and commenting on the current culture and mores of the time and the society which it was written about.” — Danie, Goodreads

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