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Readers’ reviews:

“Gurevich must be admired for some noteworthy comments on his subject material: from drugs to identity, communism to capitalism and from lust to love, however astonishing such a love appears to be. . . . Vodka For Breakfast is a thought-provoking and — on the whole — satisfying read. Do not be fooled at first glance by a seemingly unsatisfying climax, as conjuring sense from disorientation is perhaps David Gurevich’s greatest achievement.” — Neil Ayres, Fragment Magazine

“David Gurevich’s Vodka for Breakfast grabs the reader by the lapel and heaves them through this magnetic novel; Gurevich interweaves fast-paced action, wistful romance, and sharp wit in a concoction that is so compelling, it seems to be laced with vodka! Gurevich’s characters are as compelling as his wry humor, and the novel’s heavier moments are equally moving and well-written. . . . a fun, hard-to-put-down read, but also a thought-provoking novel . . .” — Trevor Trietsch, Goodreads

“If Vodka for Breakfast were set to a soundtrack, the music would flow surprisingly easy between sharp cello strings found in a car chasing scene from the likes of a Bourne Identity film, to the soft piano keys set as the background music to a favorite love story. In his novel, David Gurevich is able to stitch together the action and drama genres to weave a story of danger and love while exploring the possibility that even after these things cease to exist, the past still does.” — Kimberly, Goodreads