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Readers’ reviews:

Recently I googled my own name and came up with your site and my name used in one of your books. I hope all you bastards die from AIDS. Sincerly [sic] Randall Snell.

“In David Brensilver’s novel ExecTV, readers are given an in-your-face look at the dependency American’s have on both television and other human’s problems.” — Kmurphy, Goodreads

“A fascinating look at our obsession with fame, gore, violence and good old ‘reality,’ ExecTV is thought-provoking and entertaining.” — Melody Feldman, Goodreads

“With exaggerated reenactments, personal interviews, and a captivating finale, ExecTV is the ultimate reality TV program. Brensilver’s satire illustrates how ‘lensfaces’ and ‘audiopaths’ have distorted every form of media to dramatic dribble. His portrayal of humanity isn't pretty, but the inherent greed is real.” — KC, Goodreads

“The story is nothing short of amazing. Brensilver highlights the ugliest aspects of our society and the scary part is the accuracy. For anyone who is concerned with today’s problems, this is a must-read.” — Natascha, Goodreads