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Readers’ reviews:

This book will definitely leave you feeling brighter than it found you. Ideal for a light holiday read with hidden depths. I would also recommend it for reading on long journeys, except that you will have to lift your head out of it from time to time to avoid missing your stop. When I read it I nearly missed an important appointment because I was so engrossed by adventures of the transvestite tractor driver and the apparent popularity of lasagne.” Susan M. Phillips, Spiralthreads Reviews

“[T]he writing is very well-observed. And for all dithery fun to be had in this book, there is also a poignant sense of essentially lonely people trying to create better lives for themselves.” Roseanne Rabinowitz, LauraHird.com

“Adorably English, dark twist on a chick novel. Sarah Crabtree takes the chick novel formula and stands it on its head. Hilarious only in the way Douglas Adams could be — if he were a ditzy, scatterbrained Englishwoman. Can’t stop smiling.” — Vocabuvore, Goodreads

“The book is engaging and provides a reasonable wrap up for the many plot threads, large and small. It has a large cast, but even those we meet only briefly are written clearly enough to get a sense of them and their place in the story.” — Astraplain, Goodreads