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Readers’ reviews:

There are few really good hardcore libertarian novels. This is one of them. Remember, I said hardcore. And good. Good doesn’t mean I agree with the message. Good doesn’t mean I like the hero. Good doesn’t mean This is an agreeable fantasy. Good means a lot more than that, and Mean Martin Manning is good. It’s smart and it’s funny. It’s exactly as long as it ought to be. Its images, ideas, settings, and characters will linger in your memory far beyond this summer.” Stephen Cox, editor of Liberty magazine, 2007 summer book picks

A funny, entertaining story that happens to have political themes, as opposed to a heavy-handed ideological lesson that tries to be entertaining.” Jacob Sullum, Reason magazine

If Franz Kafka were funny, if, while down at his local pub in Prague, he had fired off one witty, sarcastic rejoinder after another about the absurdity of the world, then he would have written a novel like Scott Stein’s Mean Martin Manning … Manning narrates his story as a first-rate smart-ass, taking aim at a society that shoves health and happiness down its citizens’ throats … [a] gem of a book … The scary part of it all is that Stein’s novel is no dystopian vision of a distant future. The time is now. Guard your salami and mayonnaise. Mean Martin Manning for President!” — Edward Pettit in the Philadelphia City Paper, cross-posted at Pettit’s blog

…serrated social commentary disguised as a hilarious journey from hermit to unwilling and uncontrollable ward of the state … With a healthy dose of laughter, often audible in my case, Mean Martin Manning is also fun. And while Scott Stein isn’t proselytizing for an ideology, he does give the reader a chance to pause and draw comparisons between his protagonist and individuality in contemporary life.” Bill Turner in Per Contra

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