JUSTIN BRYANT grew up in Merritt Island, Florida, where he spent the first 18 years of his life without gainful employment or extended holdings. He was the first person from Brevard County to be awarded a college soccer scholarship. Unfortunately, he failed out of college after three years. He stuck with the soccer career for another ten years, then coached for a while as he finally finished his BA in English, which he’s not currently using, if anyone wants it.

He started writing seriously in the early 90s. His short fiction has been published in unknown little magazines such as The Iconoclast, The Chiron Review, Thin Air, Snowbound, and The Rockhurst Review. He’s also had stories in the anthologies Punch and Pie (Gorsky Press, 2002), Words on Ice (Key Porter Books, 2003), and Ice: New Writing on Hockey (Spotted Cow Press, 1999).

Season of Ash and some of Justin’s short stories have been taught in universities in the United States and Canada.