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Readers’ reviews:

“What I have just read is a hit. I loved every second. I started reading it and didnt stop until I was done. When I took a break and went into the kitchen for a snack, a chill went down my spine. I could never live in a world like Junk; just the thought of it was quite terrifying. The book is great, and the thought of this marvel on film. . . . Oooo, I cant wait! Bottom line — the characters were original, the story was entertaining, frightening, realistic and at times quite heart-wrenching. It blended together so well. Junk is a bloody hit, man! Well, I dont know about you, but Im going to have myself a Charlotte Russe.” — Graham Armstrong, college freshman

Junk is a profound and absurd tragicomedy, an engaging page-turner that reads like a film. Largen devours tough issues like morality, appetite, bigotry and bureaucracy with biting irreverence, and yet it is his characters who shine brightest. Junk will entertain, intrigue and provoke, inspiring debate and exploration as humanity wrestles to define the relationship between health and public policy.” — Joe Camp, writer, producer, and director of the Benji films.

Junk is tragicomedy for thinking people. No partisan camp is immune from Largen’s wit and wisdom, and he takes no prisoners. It was only after pulmonary exhaustion quieted my laughter that I could discern the web of political, moral and personal issues that unite modern archetypes into a cohesive and frighteningly believable plot, set in a not too distant future.” — Dr. James Quinn, Professor of Addictions and Criminology, University of North Texas

Junk is interesting in its literary technique and approach. Largen writes well, and very humorously. Junk is valuable to our choir because it can be used to persuade those who aren’t yet convinced. Largen covers his bases carefully. Read this book yourself because it’s fun, but to make it truly useful, be sure to give it to someone who’s sitting on the fence with regard to the drug war. It’s very convincing.” — Brad Edmonds, author of There’s a Government in Your Soup

Junk is a hoot! Largen exposes the frailties and failings of the drug war with humor and glaring insights into the heart of prohibition. After reading this book, sweets will taste a little sweeter.” Dean Becker, talk radio host, Cultural Baggage