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In response to rampant obesity, the U.S. government declares a war on junk food. Authorities investigate salt addicts. Candy wrappers and barbeque grills are confiscated as paraphernalia. Pre-employment urine screenings test for illicit food traces. Fast-food felons receive ten-year federal prison sentences. Diabetics are denied insulin, because the government wants to avoid sending mixed messages about sugar abuse. Police are charged with corruption for doughnut possession. Military forces are dispatched to Africa to destroy chocolate-producing cocoa fields. To discourage street gangs, like the Ice Cream Crew and the Hot Dog Homeboys, officials post Neighborhood Weight-Watch signs in suburbs across the nation.

Junk is a riotous exploration of the devastating effects of prohibition. The dystopia unfolds through the stories of Officer Justin Bailey, a cop torn between public safety and common sense; Billy Sweet, a legitimate baker turned black-market profiteer; Reverend Moe Goodman, a food-abuse counselor with a gun and a mission from God; The Candy Man, a psychotic smuggler who will do anything to keep his product illegal; and Sugar, a hyperactive Doberman with a taste for confections and blood. These disparate characters collide with hilarious and harrowing results.

Lest anyone think that it’s all a dark fantasy, Junk is peppered with poignant “mockuments” from the War on Junk Food, including court records, news articles, and letters from prison — all culled from actual drug-war headlines and documents.

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