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This is the story of vampire Phil Half, who was once the Ninth Count von Helfert. His castle-dwelling days are so far behind him he can barely remember them. Now he works a soul-sucking second-shift job watching the servers for an insurance company on the east side of Madison, Wisconsin. At least his mortal coworkers know that someday their job will end. For an immortal vampire, there’s no such assurance.

Unfortunately for Phil, his new boss, a woman of unearthly pallor, enjoys subjecting him to such demeaning mortal rituals as diversity training and karaoke. As humiliation piles upon humiliation, he finds his long-dormant vampire urges reawakening.

His urges attract the attention of Dooley O’Shaughnessy, a FEMA employee on a one-leprechaun crusade to rid the world of the vampire scourge. All Phil has in his corner is the Vampire Identity Service, the feeble federal bureaucracy set up for his protection.

Phil used to think that only two things can kill a vampire: a holly stake and a sunrise. Now he wonders if this job will be the undeath of him.

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