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Readers’ reviews:

To my surprise (surprise because I don't have time for novels) . . . I was quite taken by its depiction of the bleak realities of Saudi life.” — Dr. Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum, a prize-winning columnist for the New York Sun and the Jerusalem Post.

With hordes of journalists and pundits stereotyping Saudis, here, at last, is an insider’s narrative of Arabia's Western community, and it is not a pretty one. Exit Only is the first ever lids-off account of people who have for decades constituted Saudi Arabia's guest worker population, and their interaction with their hosts.” Jonathon Summerhayes, former UK diplomat in Saudi Arabia

An eyewitness’s account of Brits and Americans living, working, and being up to no good in Saudi Arabia. Bracken clearly has seen it all and no doubt participated in such escapades, and this is what makes this such a close-up, compelling, and deeply disturbing view of the other side of life in the desert kingdom.” — Chuck Bowman, retired oil worker with Halliburton in Saudi Arabia