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As the grandson of the wealthy inventor of a rectal suppository insect repellent, the painfully foppish and undeservedly pompous Percy Hogsbottom is free to write his supposedly Spenserian sonnets unfettered by financial responsibilities. And yet, life for Percy is not without its problems. Having been raised at his grandfathers estate with little exposure to the outside world, under the tutelage of the bizarre Mr. Pennywort, Percy not only dresses up and attempts to write like an Elizabethan poet, but speaks (very inaccurately) like one as well.

His lack of real-world experience blinds Percy to the sadistic, cheating, gold-digging nature of his 
Wyfe, Lulu, whom he worships as his muse and Faerie Queene. During his courtship, Percy is sexually harassed by a gang of bikers, angers a group of rednecks at a bar called the Pig Sty, and watches, obliviously, as Lulu flirts with his grandfather at a family dinner . . .

With original illustrations by Katrina Hinton-Cooper

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