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Readers’ reviews:

A hilarious riff on 20th-century history and attitudes. Devil Jazz is a smart and searing story that takes you on a wild ride through territories sacred and profane. A devil of a good read.” Chris Gudgeon, author of Greetings from the Vodka Sea

Being the avid reader that I am, I read Craig Forgrave’s Devil Jazz back-to-back with another novel about Satan or Sooty or The Beast, as he’s more affectionately known. But this is definitely the one that hit the spot for me. (Can’t even remember the title or plot of the other book.) Devil Jazz is witty, pacey and full of evil fun. ... I used to wonder why the Devil always gets the best music. And now I know — I think!” — a reader from Reading, UK

I read Craig Forgrave’s Devil Jazz and thoroughly enjoyed it from cover to cover. Certainly it was a tale of good and evil, but with a twist — in fact, lots of twists, turns, howls and unexpected pleasures. Full of one-liners (law and order breaking down like a six year old Skoda”), engaging insights (like the miracle of the burgers) and a whole lot of words to live by (the Parable of the Blind Catcher will stay with me for a long time).” — Alec Lee