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Rising from under the Great Pyramid in Egypt, Satan reveals himself in alien form to the world. He offers eternal life on earth for all who follow and believe in his words. It is his greatest temptation. Being Satan, the bastard angel without mercy, he sends out his demons to corrupt and convert the last die-hard moralists left on earth. Adolf Hitler, Marilyn Monroe, and Vincent van Gogh demons possess three rotten souls and proceed to attack the last bastions of purity: the youth, the chaste, and the starving artists.

The forces of Good search for a saviour and find a confused homeless man suffering from amnesia and bearing a resemblance to JC. As he stumbles into a small fishing village, he is recognized immediately by a desperate crowd as Christ Returned, because his face matches the image that has just appeared on the wall of the men's toilet in the Doomsday Cafe. The entire population of Doomsday Harbor marches behind JC and his new disciples: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

Faith vs. Fact, Science vs. Religion, Good vs. Evil. Great forces are at work, shaking the foundations of everything we hold dear. Has the Devil found the perfect way to tempt us into believing his lies? Are we all doomed to everlasting hellfire, or will we be saved at the last hour by one brave, confused man with the face of an angel? Hey, this is New York in the 21st century. It can go either way.

One last thing: this is probably the funniest book you have read in years. Yea, verily.

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