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Readers’ reviews:

You’ve all read a coming-of-age novel or two. You’ve all read a novel about an alienated genius. You’ve all read a novel that doubles as a love letter to a certain place or time. What you haven’t read is a novel that so masterfully intertwines all three of these things. . . . With a voice that is both funny and tragic, Michael Antman urges us to follow Hiroshi page after page, to discovery and interpretation of the new world he finds himself in (physically and mentally). Cherry Whip is a great tragicomedy that serves as a love letter to both the mystery of Japan and the dirty shadows of New York City. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is tired of the same old story. Michael Antman is an author to watch!” — Kevin Elliott, Barbaras Bookstores and BurningJelly.com

Moving and sexy and funny in fresh ways.” Jay Rubin, author of Haruki Murakami and the Music of Words

Michael Antman’s writing style reminds me very much of Mark Salzman and his characters’ journey through one’s self. This is an exceptional novel, well written and inspired by life’s surprises.” David G. Phillips

Cherry Whip is a beautifully written meditation on love, language, music, and the mystery of existence.” — Christopher D. Guerin

This is a book that really grabs your attention, from the very beginning. You don't have to plod through it to get to the good parts. I found myself going on many fascinating, sometimes hilarious, journeys with the thought processes of the main character, Hiroshi. And Hiroshi has a wonderful cognitive flexibility and curiosity about life, a curiosity he is able to maintain even when facing tragedy. There is tragedy in the book — but there are also times when the book will have you laughing out loud. Great summer read. I highly recommend it.” Anne Prohov

Cherry Whip is a marvelous novel by Michael Antman light and frothy at times, like its namesake confection, but also sometimes heavy and serious, like a cherry whip’s chocolate coating. . . . a quirky modern book full of artfully woven humor, pathos, and seeming contradictions. . . . leaves the reader with an overall pleasant aftertaste and a desire to see more great writing from this up-and-coming author in the future.” Douglas R. Cobb, Curled Up With a Good Book

Cherry Whip is a relatively quick read . . . but it is a true page turner. I found myself caring about Hiroshi, feeling sympathy for him and rooting for him to solve his problems and come out victorious on the other side.” — Joan Jones, Estella’s Revenge

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