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If you’re immortal, when is the right time to have your midlife crisis?

This is the story of Phil Half, a vampire who works a soul-sucking second-shift job watching the servers for an insurance company. As humiliation piles upon humiliation, he finds his long-dormant vampire urges reawakening.

Fortunately, he can change into a bat and flit away from his troubles. Unfortunately, when he resumes his human form, he finds himself a long way away from his pants. (More...)


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A scathing satire about the current state of the consolidated mainstream broadcast media, an insight into the way the political parties have managed to convert broadcasting into a partisan screech-fest, and a spotlight on who and what really runs the media. (More...)

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The Lost World is an adventure/sci-fi novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, first serialized in 1912 by the Strand magazine, with original illustrations by Harry Roundtree and Maple White.

Set in the jungle of South America, in an overlooked place where prehistoric animals and humans survive, it is an early precursor and an inspiration to a whole genre, from Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park to the TV show and movie The Land of the Lost. But, above all, it's a good old-fashioned adventure romp, where dangers lurk at every turn and the heroes overcome an obstacle a minute.

No intellectual property rights have been violated in the making of this e-book. Enjoy and feel free to print and pass it around.


It’s a fun little story and not even remotely romantic; it is set in a different place, different time, and for different reasons. There are no soft-focus longings or beautiful sunsets; it is instead quite mordant, which is fitting, as it was inspired by an observation of Mark Twain’s.

No intellectual property rights have been violated in the making of this e-book. Enjoy and feel free to print and pass it around.